A ready supply of shopping carts is an absolute necessity to operate a successful retail business. There are several factors that pose as a risk to your shopping cart inventory including: walking customers* nearby businesses * competitors * homeless * lost* recyclers.  .

The person who takes the cart may be a pedestrian customer who needs a way to take his or her groceries or products home. Increasingly, thieves have begun stealing shopping carts (which cost the retailers thousands of dollars) so that they can obtain a few dollars per cart from an unscrupulous recycler.  In some cities, aggressive public works employees have even been ordered to destroy carts found on public streets, thereby exacerbating losses to retailers. Some retailers have installed expensive locking-wheel systems for tens of thousands of dollars to prevent theft, but have found that resourceful thieves have developed ways to bypass the systems or that market share at a location decreases because pedestrian customers are left without a means of getting purchases home.
Our crews, patrol the neighborhood surrounding retail stores and areas that commonly attract carts, like bus stops and bottle redemption centers.  Increasingly, we have begun encouraging residents, businesses and governments to help us quickly retrieve carts by notifying us via voice, email or text immediately and we will arrive and retrieve the shopping carts.  Knowing a specific location means our drivers can retrieve shopping carts from off the street even faster.  This keeps your shopping carts from getting destroyed. And your stores well equipped with shopping carts. we will submit a notice to your stores informing you of any shopping carts that we have retrieved. Or you can request that we only send a notice to you when we receive a specified number of shopping carts. Each service area is broken into geographic segments called grids.  Each grid represents approximately the area that can be effectively patrolled by the crew in an eight hour work day. Most drivers service the same grids on a regular basis, so they become familiar with the layout of a community and become proficient in locating abandoned carts during patrols.  Our crews frequently monitor the grids, as well as communicate with store managers, to ensure that our clients receive excellent customer service. stores are losing carts every day. How do you get them back. You do not want to stop a paying customer from buying what they are not capable of carry in their hands. Most managers or store owners pay the bag boy or a employee with a pick up truck to go round them up. Which he will come back with less than 20% of what has been taken away from the store, or in some cases they find none of them. Over a period of time the store finds that they don’t have enough shopping carts for the customers and have to order more carts. Which has to be shipped to you.
We have removed the random guy seeking shopping carts. Our trucks run a route with precision. we are professionals every crew member has on a forest green shirt with Thomas Commercial Carts on the front and the states we cover is on the back. We retrieve shopping carts in our trucks which has a box. So riding down the road the potential scrappers don’t know what’s in the trucks. They bring them to the warehouse. We separate them and when  we reach a desired number for a store we let them know. When the crews retrieve shopping carts they get every shopping cart in every condition from every store.
When you sign your store up for recovery we will give you a login so that you can track the amount of carts we have on hand as well as those our search team recovers during each cycle.
We offer Shopping Cart Recovery for all of Florida and parts of Georgia.
Our recovery service will search your store location within a 3 mile radius through out the streets and nearby neighborhoods.
Please sign your store up now for Shopping Cart Recovery.
We will establish a date for each week  to search for your shopping carts and any carts that are recovered will be stored at our facility.
You have (3) options to receive your carts once they have been recovered
You can choose to have your carts:
– Delivered on same day of retrieval
– Collected and stored until the  agreed minimum amount is reached to deliver back to you.
– Opt out and continue buying replacement carts

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