We install all makes and models of shopping cart corrals .Our technicians will install all of the cart corrals you need. If old cart corrals are present before the new install, our technicians will disassemble and remove them. You have the option to have the old cart corrals  delivered to a location of your choice or you can utilize our Parts Recycling Program.  With our Parts Recycling Program, we will store your old cart corrals that are in reusable condition at our warehouse in case of damages to your new or existing cart corrals. When damages do occur ,we will replace only those sections that need to be replaced with one of pieces we have recycled from the previous service . This is a valuable benefit to you as it saves time and cost .
Other types of cart corral related services we offer:
◊ Bolt-down
◊ Relocation within parking lot or from  store to store
◊ Refurbishment
◊ Pickup and delivery of new/used cart corrals for install from your warehouse
◊ Removal of old corral poles in the parking lot
Cart corrals often suffer abuse from everyday use and weather. However, some damages that cart corrals receive are  due to car collisions.  Thomas Commercial Carts has the solutions you need for your damaged cart corrals. We will assess your damaged cart corral and if reparable will replace the damaged sections only. Some damages may only require welding. For cart corrals deemed “beyond repair”, our technicians will do a complete removal. You also have the option of having a used set of cart corrals installed from your reserve at our warehouse, if you are using our Parts Recycling Program.