*Do I have to sign a contract to get service?
– No, Thomas Commercial Carts requires no contracts to get service just call 386-473-1538 or email us and ask for service
* If I have shopping carts or other equipment will I have to make a special order for store to store deliveries?
– No, If during the time of service a request is made for a delivery to another store. No special request is needed. If the request is made outside of a scheduled service simply submit an email with details of the item(s) to be delivered and the location.
 * Our store has broken oven racks in the bakery, the ones that go directly in the oven, can those be fixed?
– Yes, Thomas Commercial Carts stocks all types of casters and wheels on each truck including hi-temp bakery wheels for oven racks also re-weld any of the broken tray rails. We clean bakery racks as well.
 * Do we have to put in a special order for cart corral repair or bike rack repair?
-Yes, however, the process to place an order is simple. All you will need to do is submit the measurements and your store’s location and we will get started on your order.
* We have a bunch of carts behind our store, can we just get those fixed?
 -Yes, Thomas Commercial Carts can just come in and set aside carts without doing a full service visit. Also, if you have damaged carts behind your store we can remove them.
 * What type of equipment can Thomas Commercial Carts clean?
– We can clean any type of equipment as long as it can be brought outside to be washed. See equipment cleaning page for a list of common items serviced. Whatever you have that can be cleaned, we can clean it.
* If my locking system is out of service, can you repair this during service?
 Yes, our technicians are certified in the installation and repair of locking wheels.
* What are the costs involved?
– There is a $45 service charge for any store visit. The cost to clean shopping carts is $.85 per cart this includes each cart being individually soaped, power washed, 21-point inspection, removal of any foreign matter from all four wheels, lubrication of the swivels, any frames bending and adjustment of front plates so carts roll and nest correctly. All repair parts will be quoted on site.
* After the service will all the damaged or beyond repair equipment is left behind the store?
– No, shopping carts and/or equipment that is deemed irreparable will be removed from your store upon request. 
* My store is in a very small town off the beaten path, is there any travel charges?
– Yes, Thomas Commercial Carts charges $1.40 per mile and we cover the entire U.S. Each store is charged a $59 service charge which covers two men and the service truck to come out to your location regardless of where you’re located. We can pick up your shopping carts behind the store and deliver them to your desired location or to our location.
* If my carts or stock carts are faded or rusty, do you re-coat them for better appearance?
– Yes, we re-coat any of your shopping carts and stock carts.
* At time of service, do you search the communities for my carts that may have been lost?
– Yes, we will retrieve any of your shopping carts that have been dislocated. We search within nearby neighborhoods within a 20-mile radius. Any carts we retrieve are brought back to the store and repaired.
 * When are the carts serviced?
– Thomas Commercial Carts services in the day time or at night. This ensures that there is always a member of store management to discuss repair options. Our personnel will always make sure there are always enough carts for the store to operate while doing any service.
* I just need some parts, I can repair them myself, can I just buy parts?
-Yes, call Thomas Commercial Carts at 386-473-1538 and you can order parts to ship direct to your store.
*Do you recycle parts from the beyond repair carts?
-Yes, in order to provide you with even more savings we will recycle any parts in good to excellent condition.
For any more questions: Please contact us via, email, text and phone.
Why do I have a lot of shopping carts that are beyond repair after service?
A: Most of the big shopping cart service companies only fix easy to repair equipment. Shopping carts have replacement parts for every thing that can go bad. Those companies don’t remove wheels that have factory rivets, they don’t repair broken welds or retouch the rusty areas. These companies are costing the stores more than the repair cost. Every cart or equipment they do not want to repair means you have to buy more carts and pay to have what they would not fix removed from your store. These are both costly expenses. 
Why am I losing so many shopping carts?
A: Customers are going to take the shopping carts with them after shopping. A reliable recovery company can check the neighborhoods before service and every two weeks. This will bring your shopping carts back to you and prevent you from buying more replacement carts.
If your store has beyond repair shopping carts and backroom equipment that they can’t be fixed or was marked BRE (beyond repair requipment).  Call us to pick them up from behind your store. We can refurbish them and put them back into circulation at your store or another store location of your choice. 
Why keep buying shopping carts, when your carts are throughout the neighborhoods and behind your store? Thomas Commercial Carts can end that bottomless money pit. We don’t just change wheels, we repair your shopping carts and backroom equipment. We repair broken welds with no extra cost. We straighten out bent frames at no extra cost and put gates back in place.  We retouch the rust spots with a matching color of your cart. We fully repair all of your backroom equipment such as pallet jacks, racks stock carts and much more. With Thomas Commercial Carts, you will not have to be concerned with beyond repair equipment  left behind your store. We will do all we can to get your equipment and carts into shape.