Thomas Commercial Carts knows sidewalks are also very important elements of a business in that it shows just how meticulous and detailed you are in keeping your property in its best condition. No one wants a crumbly sidewalk saturated with dirt, grime and gum. The Thomas Commercial Carts team knows how difficult it can be to remove stains and gums from sidewalks. We make sure that these things do not stay where they do not belong. We do not want it to leave a negative impression to your business overall appearance. Our team does not just know how to remove stains, all while taking care of your sidewalk, but we also have the right equipment to do the job right the first time.
We are environment friendly and are compliant with the latest EPA regulations. We use cleaning chemicals that will not stain or cause harm to your plants.

Dumpster Area Cleaning

Just because dumpsters are meant for keeping the garbage does not mean it should look like one. Let our team of cleaning experts deal with the tough stains that come with these dumpster pads.

Call us for your pressure cleaning needs.*