Thomas Commercial Carts has all the expertise, experience and commitment to serving your barrier needs. We install all forms or warehouse barriers as well as remove old or existing crash , pedestrian, and bollards.  Our seasoned technicians provide options and solutions for whatever you need that will work for your timetable, budget and specific application. We understand your need to be able to rely on us to perform and that is exactly what we do – deliver what we promise.

Workplace Safety

Let us help improve the safe movement, flow and access of pedestrians and workplace vehicles in and around factories, warehouses and car parking areas.
Corner Protectors
Provide invaluable protection in warehouse environments where products, materials and equipment are constantly being moved around. Placing protectors at vulnerable corners ensures products, equipment and vehicles are safe from damage.  Corner Protection Guards are perfect for placing on columns or wall corners. 
Column protectors
offer protection in indoor or underground parking areas, in warehouses, manufacturing plants helping to prevent costly, unnecessary damage to vehicles and property. 
Wall guards
Offer protection against forklifts.
Wheel Stops
Reduce the damage to cars when hit and are ideal for use in car parking spaces. Also useful in stopping cars crashing into or hitting walls and buildings in parking garages. 
Pedestrian Barriers
Pedestrian safety barriers protect employees and visitors around machinery and other hazards in warehouse environments. Gate barriers can regulate access and be used when guiding pedestrians along safe walking routes within high traffic warehouse environments.
For help in identifying the perfect barrier to suit your particular environment contact us for help in finding the right distributors and what areas  that would be best for your needs. Contact us now at