When it comes to grocery equipment, the old adage holds true, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure.” Preventive maintenance costs less than repairing or replacing equipment, and your costs for routine service are more predictable.
For example, A dirty ice machine can cost a business more than the customers.  When the ice maker is dirty the ice production slows down and energy-efficiency is lost.  This leads to higher energy costs and replacement ice expenses.
Neglecting a bread steamer allows scale to accumulate that could disable the machine.
Refrigeration malfunctions put inventory at risk and generate huge repair bills. Regularly scheduled service prevents unexpected break downs and prolongs the life expectancy of equipment.
Nothing works all the time though, so be sure to create a cash emergency fund for unexpected expenses. Also, be sure to update your budget figures regularly by including new expenses and regularly inspecting equipment to schedule essential maintenance.