Maintenance Service

Why are shopping cart owners allowing companies that service their stores mark equipment as beyond repair so they don't have to repair them? Which makes each store that this is allowed suffer significant loses of revenue. The service techs dictate what is repairable or serviceable. When your store has 100 carts before service and 80 carts after service, that's 20 possible cart pushing customers without a shopping cart. This makes them stand to wait or just buy what they can hold or just leave. When you have maintenance service twice a year you lose up to 40 shopping carts a year and potentially 40 customers, depending on if others come after the 40 customers leave, that number even goes higher. At a low figure of 100 dollars per customer without a shopping cart to shop with. Four thousand dollars could be a once a day lost of possibly multiple times in one day type lost stretched out over a month until they receive the new carts which could easily top $12,000-$20,000 per month added higher for every month you wait for the new carts..

What this mean is the very company you hired to service your stores is costing your store money. Every large and medium size chain is a victim of this.
How do i know if i am a victim of this type of service. If you have over 20 shopping carts  behind your store waiting to be picked up' Or inside stocking equipment that need repairing after service techs are gone. The shopping carts behind the store normally get taken to land fills or scrap metal places.